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I really hope they bring that back. Then we rerelease the entire game again and call it a sequel as an excuse for cutting back to the same number of races as the original, hacking all the rest out to be used as dlc or preorder bonuses. You may only add one additional skill per player.

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I’ve had a team in mhi for about a month now, and i’m solely going to blame this on the fact that i play when most of europe is sleeping, i haven’t been able to get a single game. The chat rooms were always helpful in pointing out which leagues you are looking for and you could even use it to find friendly matches. Players should be forced to buy a player if they can afford to do so to bring their numbers upto a play level, if say playing bb online this has been abused completely with players buying rerolls and cheerleaders rather than replenshing their teams. It’s not afro samurai 2 levels of broken, where basic features go unexplained, units fall through the floor and events happen without any rhyme or reason.

Reddit bloodbowl league

But until that day comes, the community consensus will always be the same: don’t buy it. Yet it doesn’t go into any actual detail. For the commodore 64 well before then, but the company collapsed before the game hit store shelves.

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At least in this instance there is a lot of extra fruit going on and, imo, it rates as a new game. Throw yourself in the naf league and away you go. If they just die straight away in the next game after you bought them you are straight back in square one. But despite finding what seemed like the perfect developer — a team passionate enough about the property to risk the wrath of gw’s lawyers — the blood bowl franchise has only ever stumbled to the finishing line.

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Then, when it had dropped out of the top 10 they would release a limited edition with a bonus cd\dvd. The fact that people are using the system to boost their teams by not bothering to hire new players aggrevates me no end and shows poor poor play testing on the part of cyanide. Well? so it adds nothing to the game.

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Abuse of spending during the pre-match sequence should be reported to the league commissioners. Don’t fuck this up. The addition of stadiums is fun however, removes tv bloat and therefore doesnt accurately reflect a teams potential, but on the other hand, still fun. And subscribe to one of thousands of communities. These are passionate people who love the game. I won’t be buying this unless and until a “legendary edition” is released, which, let’s face it, is highly likely (again based on cyanide’s track record).

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The big thing about blood bowl is that it has a hardcore long serving fanbase. Ok the poor cyanide implementation of this rule will eventually be fixed, although i havnt read any plans for you being able to buy the loner at the end of the game, they simply bugger off! The rule itself states that the players come from the 1-12 or 1-16 player types on the roster. It is sequel that has garnered a stellar 71% user rating at the time of writing.

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