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Former co-stars, lee joon and jung so min, confirm their relationship

When you’re the main character, mastermind and manipulator, one would expect that it’s your ideas that are most followed and your rules and decisions overriding everyone else’s, not the other way around. I liked this.

Drama club: dating agency: cyrano episodes 13-14 (1/4)

So true! i resolved to stay far away from this one because i’ve been burned a total of three times (emotionless yoona, yuri of stone and blankface jessica – i still regret watching all of them) but sooyoung is about a thousand times better than all of them combined. He also agreed he liked her and gave her the chance to choose. It is finally picking up!

Drama club: dating agency: cyrano episodes 13-14 (1/4)

But as an aside – i find most asian drama kissing extremely lacking. Proud of you sooyoung. I am liking this more than i thought i would. Both people’s cheeks should be fully blown out and it doesn’t look romantic at all hahaha.

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There’s just this tenderness that sp has on his eyes when ever he’s with my. I’m sure she’s genuinely cute, but her cuteness goes overboard for me at times. I don’t know if this is reliable but from what i read and understand, the actors of the movie dating agency, uhm tae woong and park shin hye have a big age gap (1975-1990). She returns a forced smile in response. One minor quibble i have with hye ri, though, is she acts too cute.

Drunken hookup to relationship

Other than its fluffiness and little details, another thing i love about cyrano is how well they weave the missions with the main characters’ developments. I’ve seen her on talk shows and thought she was nice but talentless; so i really didn’t expect this out of her. So its funny that gong woo would show up in this episode. I am so happy to hear i was not the only one not to care about the couple being set up this week.

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Aside from my bias for seung pyo, its the fact that if she thinks its a noble thing that clients get a chance to at least get closer to the object of their affection with the help of cyrano, whats different when shes “the target”? aside from the random forced ending, i liked this ep. I don’t know how old the characters are supposed to be, but i could imagine the male lead as a 30-year old. Also i didn’t expect min young to see the shady side of the master this early if at all.

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I agree, i enjoy a drama the most when i like all the characters too. I agree with you except for hong jong-hyun.

5 romantic k-dramas you need to be watching in january 2018

Coming soon: longing heart, starring lee jung shin, kim byung gwan, and lee yul eum

Thank you for the recap! Basically, it’s really, really, really unrealistic to believe someone could be that bad at surviving and yet supposedly be a bad ass, too. And i’m glad we are getting to some of the backstory. Can someone give me a clue what is attractive to him about her?

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