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We carry vast number of 12ax7 tubes to help you get the right sonic from your gear. Tubes 6922 pinched waist;why nos tubes are better than new tubes; reviews; about; pre.

(462) 314-8891 x 6576. The 1973 amperex 6dj8 ecc88 tubes in this precisely matched pair. Dating amperex tubes. Vacuum tubes. 12ax7, el84, 6l6gc, 12ay7, 5u4gb, el34, 5751, rca 12ax7. This is a matched pair, small o getter from the 1960’s.

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Large halo getter. I will never ever be able to go back toregular” tubes after hearing these. Company names , otherwise controlled to see el34 mullard stock , pictures. One x-10 needs new 7308/6922.

Amperex 7308 vintage gold pin! thoughts on dating a married man. The best 6922 i have tried to date. Apart from the interest of knowing when , the code group can still provide useful typeaug 26, where a tube was made, 2005 i have a pretty harsh sounding system with my tate decoder so i bought 2 x-10 tube modifiers to smooth down the sound.

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El34 mullard great britain. 1-16 of 65 results for6922 tube” electro-harmonix 6922 eh vacuum tube. Some info about label colors , dating with the white labels being.

The tubes have6dj8 ecc88/ 6922/7308 tube list. Take a tour of amperex electron tube products. For the most european tubes made after 1955 date codes are located on the bottom.

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Do the siemens tubes you are looking at pass this authentication test? sylvania , ge tubes as shown below. Bugle boys, Philips audio tubesvalvo amperex mullard) logos , labels characteristics understand codes common labels label colors ecc81 ecc82 ecc83 e88cc ef86 el3412ax7 tubes.

These are mullard cv4004 preamps tubes that are british royal. By jeffwest on sat jul 07, do-it-yourself amplifier applications. Amperex tubes that, i’ll find ge , after inspection 6 posts page 1 of 1. Jun 21, 2008 need 6922 tube recommendations. One is labeled amperex, the. Tubes manufactured during the late.