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7:00am gmt 11 feb 2015. No, that is entirely illogical. And oh yeah: where *did* we get our ridiculously complicated imperial measurement system? i believe it was from the same folks who thought it was a much better idea to drive on the left.

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How can some noob contributors be so dumb? My theory is that americans use the same format as us but have 31 months, interleaved in a peculiar way. Error: twitter did not respond.

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Before posting and after some research to answer my own question, i deleted my second paragraph, but wordpress posted it anyway. I agree with them, because this difference between styles of european date format can be misleading. Quality: 2017 in review and the year ahead.

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Over time, i have come to favour the ibm date format standards used on the iseries computers where the format code specifies both the order of fields and the delimiter: Praktika intern 2018. Makes perfect sense too. A trawl through the 75 million profiles uploaded to match.

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This natural order (not the european one) is used in china and japan. In the uk or us, there’s much debate about how long to wait before calling after a first date. Its free to make a nomination.

It started out as the pet project of a cryogenics enthusiast and grew into the

And americans are not about to switch to the metric system or drive on the other side of the road. Or actually 18 feb 170.

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I used to fly to america a lot. When napoleon took over he stopped that and unified france.

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But who the hell came with mm/dd/yyyy? Believe me they often email me many months in advance! To gather real accounts of the european dating scene, last year we asked around 500 (mostly, but not exclusively, heterosexual) expats living in the netherlands, belgium, france, germany, spain, and switzerland a series of up-close and personal questions about themselves, their relationships and their sex lives. Btw, for those who use the time analogy, you hav it backwards. I frequently use up so much of my attention on the month-day/day-month puzzle that i have none left for writing the correct year. *mdy => mm/dd/yy.

It started out as the pet project of a cryogenics enthusiast and grew into the

Retrieved from ” https: always in motion the future. Gunpowder treason and plot.

They give the current texts, with any amendments (e. Save the date – convention 2018 25/27th may budapest. If this happens, don’t panic. Is a useful website to calculate for english monarchs.

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Hal, do you want me to delete it? Members of the german protestant kirchentag community regard the idea of inviting christians from the whole of europe to gather together as a great opportunity. The parties to a case must abide by the judgments of the court and take all necessary measures to comply with them. Manage your applications and registrations.