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Later confirmed the dating rumors and said that the #namlee or #bokjoon couple started to develop feelings on set but have been friends for a long time already during their modeling days. Does anyone say me do infinite l have gf???? At least she didn’t reveal that she’s dating him in real life. I totally agree, they have a band concept right? maybe that helps. Meanwhile, you never see a guy having that struggle, do you? you go girl! 22 after more than a decade in competition, and choi last released the album where’s the truth? with f.

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Awe minnie i’m so happy for you! finally got off lol and got a girl! hope yulhee doesn’t get dragged too hard for this. What happens in 9 days, though? that countdown. Your brothers have a much higher risk of dying at work than you will.

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Even though he as a member may not be individually known, i would think that at the very least, his group name would bring him. Island official twitter.

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So in reality, hongki is a hero for telling these types of fans off, and hopefully more idols go down this path. Ohhh god i can feel the hate that’s coming towards yulhee. Update your email address.

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All those other idols calling their fans their girlfriends and saying stuff like don’t cheat on me etc always seemed like a very bad idea to me. I feel bad for her but this was self-inflicted. I remember seeing comments about how yulhee looked different and people were mentioning that she probably has a boyfriend or is dating, it kind of made sense but i’m not sure why? anyway good for her, hopefully netizens aren’t to harsh. Island in july. If you followed her ig you kinda knew she was dating, sometimes idols post cryptic messages for that special someone, but her posts were really obvious from someone who is in love. She’s gonna catch a lot of hate for this, i imagine people will give her shit for likely dating and leaving her members alone in that hiatus she took recently.

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Latest articles. Merp, i’m not gonna fight the numbers. However, this is what is encouraged, or at least not discouraged, in the k-pop sphere. Like i assume most in the idol industry are doing.

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Are the topic due to a series of photos. Was recently suspected to be in a relationship with actress. And yolhee from laboum is often ‘one of not-solbin’ from laboum. Son and choi just started dating and are still getting to know each other,” choi’s agency, fnc entertainment, added. This is giving me iu flashbacks. Oh yea of course, he’s a giant (in korea).

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And she’s the maknae too. Yg entertainment. She will get a lot of hate for this:/ not from ft island fans but from netizens that are busy hating her group.

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