Fun dating questions to ask

Personality and fun facts

It’ll show her you have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself. Like the previous question, this one clues you in on how she spends most of her time and whether you’ll enjoy the same activities. Which would you prefer: a television that only gets 3 channels that do not play anything you like or a room full of books?

Thought provoking deep questions that will take her breath away

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? If she’s going to dish out $100+ on tickets for a broadway show, sporting event, or concert, it shows it’s important to her and something she thoroughly enjoys doing. First think of a product. If you had to shave your head, would you sport hats, wigs, or rock the bald look? What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live?

Good speed dating questions

What is your worst pet peeve? Among your friends, what are you best known for?

Top 25 questions to ask a guy you have a crush on

Do you always look this good? /are you always this charming? What do you care least about? Are you close to your family? What are the top three social situations you try to avoid most? In #8 & #21, i would insist that the day i met the lord jesus was even better than the day i was married & the days my kids were born.

Questions to reveal her dirty secrets

Don’t take a long list with you; just have a few to ease the conversations along and find out more about the people you are talking to, without it being an interview, so don’t be asking stuff like “where do you see yourself in three years time”. If your significant other asked you to take dance classes with them, would you? What nickname would you give me based off my personality or a body part?

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Describe a moment that was embarrassing at the time but you now find funny. Sorry, as portmanteaus go, frenemy is almost as bad as phablet. Have you ever noticed that everywhere you look, people are on their smart phones even when driving? What was your most embarrassing moment ever?