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Policies to find out more. Use spoiler tags in threads that are not about one specific vn. Recommendation questions may also be asked over at. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our.

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If your os is not win8: Do you like me? But the moment i open the map, where i extracted the files to, my computer freezes. If there are untagged spoilers in your submission, mark it as spoilers. Use the weekly off-topic threads or the weekly question threads for personal things like saying hello, thanks, or goodbye. Marked as spoilers: no need to use spoiler tags, but keep the submitter’s level of knowledge about the vn in mind.

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You just found out the overall message of the game. This image has been flagged as not safe for work.

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Out of 9 screenshots. Oh, you didn’t read it wrong. Take a walk.

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Thanks for stopping. It comes after.

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As usual, he sets out in the city of tokyo trying to pick up someone. Ok i downloaded the game and checked for virusses and found nothing.

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I dunno why jast doesn’t want to release them this year when they easily could. (another reason why you should never buy a computer with windows 8. Please, keep up the good work!!

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