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Purchase of additional fittings such as metric or hose adapters may be required. Make sure the tube is away from any hot or rotating parts of the engine.

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You agree to the following terms. Requires hook up wire. Some are connected to the top of the thermostat housing, attached to a sensor probe.

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Watch us take a mazda mx5 miata to pieces, and then build it back together again into a modern working car. You can also run the wire to the tachometer output terminal on an. Choose a location for the temperature gauge mounting hole on the vehicle dashboard. Holds true:

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The website is very user friendly good guys to deal with in every way. How does a temperature gauge sending unit work? Route the temperature probe through the engine compartment to the existing temperature sending unit mounting location. The style line features a clean easy to read look with a bright pointer against a white or black background. Remove the screw with a screwdriver.

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Insert the temperature probe into the mounting nut and tighten the sealing nut securely into the mounting nut with a wrench. Run the wire through the back of the gauge into the driver’s compartment.

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Twist one end of the wire and place it under the spade fuse connector. Reconnect negative (-) battery cable. Be sure there is adequate internal clearance for nut and sender. Connect it to the sensor probe.

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Fill the engine with oil and test the gauge to. Note that all engines, whether or not they are fitted with an oil. Note:: disconnect negative (-) battery cable before installation.

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Fit the gauge into the hole and secure it. Screw the temperature sender unit into the adapter, remembering to fit.

Installing an electronic temperature gauge

If a country is not listed as an option, then we do not offer shipping to it at this time. How to hook up a turbo boost gauge. Connect one end to terminal post on fuel level sender and the opposite end to the sender (s) terminal spade on back of gauge.

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