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Secure the shell to the concrete base. Use a larger wire from the house to the junction box, and a #6 wire from the junction box to the hot tub. Make sure that guest users know how to operate the panel and equipment safely.

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This requires digging a small trench to put the hot tub power conduit into. You have to ensure that children, pets, and wildlife are safe near the hot tub area by fencing off the area and keeping the cover on and secured when the hot tub is not in use.

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Basically, you need to make sure that you have access to the backyard; a solid, level place to set the spa; and electricity, and a garden hose in close proximity. Many factors determine the total cost of installation ranging from materials, quality, sturdiness, aesthetics, ergonomics, to extra features like underwater lights, sound system, and other additional features. We can liaise with your electrical contractor regarding the exact specification for your hot tub, alternatively more details can be found within the technical specifications on our hot tubs pages.

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Joint surfaces should be wiped clean before joining. The specially-shielded gfci prevents false tripping due to rf interference.

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Kind regards. For assistance, contact your authorized bullfrog spa dealer. When reading these instructions, the term 120v~ refers to the 110-120v~ range of voltage, while the 230v~ term refers to the 220-240 range of voltage.

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This requirement may be filled with the gfci circuit breaker and sub-panel. Where required by local code, a pvc expansion joint must be employed at points where conduit pipe emerges from the ground and enters a wall or a wall-mounted enclosure. Electrical requirements for saunas can vary greatly depending on the type of sauna, the model and the size. It is not worthwhile to do the wiring yourself at the risk of voiding the warranty and courting a potential disaster.

Hot tub delivery basics

Improper electrical connections may damage the equipment, cause injury, cause a fire, and void your spa warranty. The next step is to ensure that the power supplied to the spa or hot tub is fed through a ground fault circuit interrupter breaker (gfci). A drink dispenser can be added to the hot tub at a cost of $170 to $200. You have to throw in an extra $50 to $450 for a thermo-cover.

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Unsubscribe. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to prove that any electrical work carried out meets part p requirements and it is a criminal offence if it does not. Pool and hot tub depot. 5) the electrical supply for this spa must include a suitably rated switch or circuit breaker to open all ungrounded supply conductors to comply with section 422-20 of the national electric code (nec). Pvc electrical conduit should be assembled prior to running wire. Bullfrog spas further explains the general prizing criteria for hot tubs.