How to tell your parents you are dating an older woman

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I am not sure it is a good idea to go all the way with because i don’t want to be a conquest what should i do? I don’t look at the future 10 years or longer down the road. How to convince your overprotective. Why should i care if anyone cares.

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And if you tell them, you’ll deal with all-out fights. Bless u and bless ur family. I know this lady personally. I thought that i could not havie anymore babies so we did not use birthcontrol. Hes also 33. Have you ever dated an older man.

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But, our lives were going in different pathways. In this we feel safe.

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The reason why, i am 42 and done with kids. What would god do !? If things are serious, i would be honest with your parents and tell them honestly why you are with your gf. She wanted to avoid me for keeping the respect. She would always say her mother brought her up violently and beat her up as a child etc. Please help.

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Then i backed off and let her stew about it for a couple of weeks. People will say bad things and people will say good things.

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M 19 years old, i work and am a sophmore in college, and since my campus is less than minutes away i live at home. As a parent my biggest concern is that my child is safe.

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I am almost divorced, living along and always like to hang out with younger people. I fear that she will give up all when she gets older & wakes up one morning & decides that she might want something else. Both mother and son had a bad relationship, all i wanted to do was to help her understand her son more and also made her son understand the meaning of filial piety. But as u r reading new post above, realize ithas to be with the right older woman.

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Some days he is really into me then some days he won’t return my calls. Is usually intensified. Younger women (no offense) often don’t understand their bodies nearly as well as older women. It’s a shame about the age difference, while not massive, it seems to effect both of our reactions to the relationship.

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