Inoue mao and matsumoto jun dating for 9 years

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So the problem is. Haha bruh its already november. They look great together!

Lee hyun woo to enlist in the military this winter

For me they made for each other. Blogs during my spare time while i eat and procrastinate most of the time. I ship this couple so hard <3 i hope they do end up together :). How i wish they can make another season of gokusen.

Lee hyun woo to enlist in the military this winter

22 comments. What fascinates me so much about. They only see each other as friends and not only that but they have someone they love. Please update this to complete the sign-up process.

Big news: the stars of hana yori dango reveal they have been dating 9 years

Remove ads with dramafever premium. Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. Required fields are marked. Id like to see jun and mao doing projects again.

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(an evening paper reporter). Aside from being one of the judges in.

How his fan think about his lover

Neither mao. Yes both of them a veteran and v popular. Inoue is a character written for everyone to love and root for. Type your search terms above and press return to see the search results.

List of love story dramas/movies he appeared on

Congrats makino & domyoji. I miss them sooo much. Why do we even put up with this? I completely agree!!

I'll talk about dramas if i want to