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Many people in the kingdom hall i go to weer baptists, catholics, methodists, jews, that had the same unanswered questions i did. I see a psychiatrist and a couple of therapist, i also take medication for postpartum depression. Some crave attention, and the ability to be able to party but as a witness, you have to set yourself apart from these things. Most people cannot live a life that jesus christ lived so the look for a way out and turn to false religion.

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Read more- In december of 2006, sherri and i were married at st. For the facts. Again it only took 6 days. (find yourself a seat, and tape your mouth shut.

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Why did paul use so many military metaphors in his writings if being a soldier was in itself wrong? These concerns came from reading the jw publications directly. I really hope lou’s story help everyone (me included) to make a wise decision to leave the wbts cult for good. The catholic church did not alter the true scripture.

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We started to read more and more bible, and started to find things that the jw publications got wrong. You can imagine some non catholics writing that there are many gods of different religions!!!! does that make sense? sorry for you guys. Prayer beads aren’t necessary.

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So i held all these questions, along with many more concerns i had, deep inside. They put on a happy front to impress. Q-13: why is it that all the major bible translations by greek scholars say that the word was god, with both the word and god, being capitalized, which means that the word, who became flesh, jesus, is god? This post is also available in:

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Very quickly one could see that she was deeply inclined toward god. The name translated jehovah in the ancient scripts appears almost 7000 times. While grasping his construction helmet, which in.

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Fireworks explode over sydney harbour during new year’s eve celebrations. It’s faith and tradition. No spam, we promise.

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