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Because i know it is probably never will get a u. Dud netizenbutt your hate on hyosung is obvious.

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Help me here? tell me why? Why don’t you translated all the most liked comments instead of picking the ones you want to translate? Which is l hyosung dating when there are exceptions, such as shinozaki ai’s bustiness, it gets considerable attention. The way they met is actually quite amusing, as they were intoduced to.

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Truthfully, there was never a single time i called somebody first when i was dating him. A tradition dating back toeach year the seniors of marquette university come together to give back to the place they have called home for the past four. They are expected to have little to no outside human interaction ( whether they do or not is a mystery itself) but if they are all stuck together going through the same stuff, you’d think some of them have relationships.

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I’m glad you are not hating on her (although it’s not the same with the rest). And she works out like crazy, and working out chest does wonders if you already have boobs.

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Should be more careful~ who knows when she’s going to screw up her words. [+875, -81] it’d be laughable for hyosung to be confident in her singing, dancing, or acting. The preparation for party is over. It’s just generally such a toxic environment to foster amongst delusional fans and it’s probably one of my least favorite parts about the whole kpop culture.

Dsk hyosung gt250r price in other cities

I will likely be coming back to your weblog for more soon. Hyosung looks like she’s the big sister of red velvet “icc” promototions. I was quite surprised! guys are l dating too, you know you could say something and they take it way out of context’, ‘timestamp’: what’s funny is that if i think someone likes me, from then on, i can’t be affirmative. Hyosung asked, yoseob told her about a plan.

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Welcome to raisins!! Yea it was, she did look better on there. Hyosung took a seat and then start talking to iu.

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She’s really pretty in that dating show. Because she is pretty and had a good body. That’s one thing i really respect about ukwon of block b.

Dsk hyosung gt250r price in other cities

Boobs though. With her poor acting skills and lack of ratings why is anyone even giving her a lead role? she’s living off bof fame in the acting world which she was horrible in.

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At least two members (jonghyun and taemin lived with their families from the start) and they seem to know how to separate work and friendship well, so if even two members are dating i kinda have faith in them to know how to separate it though i doubt it. Groups will even do those video date things.

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