Persona 4 dating yukiko

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Basically yosuke kind of sucks as a human being, is the point here. I am tactically certified to deploy irate textwalls at you in the event that you insult my sacred waifu chiaki nanami you cynical basketcase. Why’s that?”. Hmm? that’s a shame.

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He shrugged. I was with yukiko and i had rise as my side ho. Then valentine’s day came around, i had to choose one of them to go on a date with. I refuse to even acknowledge its presence. ) a few months later, and then, even later, added rise (i love laura bailey’s voice so when it asked me if i was going to get serious about her i had to say yes) to my harem. I’ll definitely stay for ‘just a little longer’.

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Yukiko blushed crimson at that. Not just in japan, i’ve been to china, taiwan, singapore, and america. But that’s teenagers in the game, so yukiko. Oh, yu-kun! we ran into each other again i see.

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Y-yu-kun? is that you?” yukiko called as she stepped out of the changing area with nothing but a towel. Naoto, i just love these types of girls. Do it from home, and. Be the reason why you should never date that person.

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Valentine’s day. He practically finishes anything with god hand alone.

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And follow him on twitter at. What are you doing here?” he said.

Persona 4: golden – chie & yukiko trailer

I know in vanilla there’s no consequence, don’t know what to expect from the golden, don’t tell me. P4 vanilla – chie,i mean a badass martial arts girl! besides,i always had a thing for more of the tomboyish type,although naoto was probably one of the last girls hah. Rise’s character shows this so strongly. Why things like.

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