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While these dvd s are in foreign languages, subtitles are provided in english, german and french. From the highest platform one gets a 360 degree view of the skyline to the zojoji temple next of the japanese eiffel tower.

In fact, with the clouds being extremely low, the very first (and only) sight of boston was the approach lights of runway 4r. Martin hoell and senior first officer (clocking about 17000 and 9500 flight hours respectively) talk about various topics of the airbus a350, and take a tour through the airbus plant in tls with you. It s a dream flight: calm weather and an amazing sun rise as it can only be seen over the clouds. Tv: miami december 22nd 2016, 03:48 | written by konstantin koll yesterday i got an early christmas present: the latest pilotseye. Thomas frick (head of operations at swiss), and first officer jennifer knecht. And executive producers.

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While a verbal discussion about the aircraft can in itself be very enlightening, piloteye has also included a special treat for the viewers. Continuing with our tour of how the a350 came to life, we also visit the a350 simulator where viewers can see firsthand how pilots handle various emergency procedures such as a dual engine flame out.

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While discussing various components of the aircraft, viewers are taken to the airbus factory where the a350 was created. Then we descend into. It is always a thrill to land at funchal as the winds are never the same and we have to use our training, honed judgment and experience to fly the manual curved approach to the runway. Question: – what exactly involved in filming these flights? is it a lot of work? thomas: – decide for yourself: video editing approx 20-30 days, audio edit and mixing 10-15 days, subtitles, artwork, authoring dvd and bd about 2 months.

That is because the true star of this episode is lufthansa’s shiny new airbus a350 with muc as its fleet base. Do not miss our top deals of the week exclusively for you at the aerosoft online shop! There’s also lots of footage from the city itself, its turquoise waters and art deco buildings on ocean drive. This is one of the spectacular pilotseye. On starmeter. When the dvd was recorded, the newest runway 25r didn’t exist which means that the viewer maybe a little bit bewildered if they have old charts but everything is all right! they expect to takeoff from runway 25l, the left of the both runways in western direction, while being on the track of the marun2f departure route.

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A highlight that makes astonishing impressions possible, is a coincidental rendezvous over the russian taiga with a lufthansa 747-400, which flies very close underneath the 777. Numerous cameras give a thrilling and unique perspective to the viewers of what goes on in the cockpit what i don’t like about the dvds nothing. Fricks is welcomed aboard a training flight (so there are actually five flights featured on this dvd talking about great value!). With a stroll through the blazing neon streets of tokyo, this far eastern trip comes to an impressive conclusion.

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He shows how close tradition and modernity are side by side in japan and takes the viewer to one of the most famous landmarks, the tokyo tower. A few days ago, i’ve found the eagerly awaited new pilotseye. After what can only be described as a stunning cinematic introduction which featured aerial shots over munich airport, viewers are introduced to captain martin hoell who is a training captain and hans peter jaehner who is a senior first officer at lufthansa.