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Use pvc primer or cleaner just before gluing pvc pipes and fittings. This is a vinyl liner pool so i don’t have the typical bonding grid. None said i needed a permit (i think all 3 were wrong, but what do i know as i’m only an electronics tech).

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It is also considered poor workmanship in the trades. Switch off the main power supply to the pump, and then unscrew the pump cover to access the electrical components.

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Questions of a do it yourself nature should be. Attach the green supply wire under the ground screw (gnd). Another “pro” that has been wiring pools for 10+ years kept telling me we would run thhn underground from home to equip pad, yet i kept correcting him by saying thwn.

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You do not need a neutral, the connection in the motor is a ground. I then realized i need to get the plug that corresponded to the outlet. I couldn’t be more satisfied! this is the site i will always come to when i need a second opinion. No nm at all outside the house where the pump is concerned. Heck, i can do the job bad or wrong just as well as anybody. I am completely a loss here.

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5hp or more), and is wired for 110 volts, and the circuit is quite long (100’+) #10 is not a bad idea. 3,870 satisfied customers. I can also go to a three prong twist lock plug and nonnection. Any other pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Nothing else nees to be done with it. If you have other metal within 5′ of inside pool wall that is 4″ or greater, it too must be connected to this bond grid. I preferred to go with the cord just for the convenience of being able to uplug the unit if i needed to work on it or for when it needs to be replaced.

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Level the pump to the incoming and outgoing lines, and make the connection into the unions or use a coupling and a short section of pipe. This is a dedicated circuit with a known load.

Need help with motor replacement electrical wires

Must be one continuous wire with no breaks. I’m looking forward to asking you questions in the future. Davy merino. The only glitch i had was when i went to convert the cord on the pool pump to a 220 cord with a twist lock, i forgot that the existing xord only had 3 wires. Either way, next step is to screw in the fittings to the incoming and outgoing ports of the pool pump.