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Mark wiesenberg, director of humans resources at uvu, explained that he could the university does not have a set procedure in dealing with theses cases and deal with these situations on a case by case basis. I am incredibly attracted to him. The best you can hope for is a neutral opinion and then it goes downhill from there.

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There is clearly mutual attraction and he isn’t doing this overly-romantic pining bullshit that you see from abusive professors on here (they “fall madly in love” with their students). All interns got paired with a grad student advisor. Loved loved loved him. With the changing scope of federal regulations and increased scrutiny regarding sexual assault and harassment on college campuses, more and more institutions are strongly discouraging and even banning consensual romantic relationships between students and faculty members. It all seems ok because the professor is “incredibly attractive”.

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Who knew the kind of people who come tho this site were so backwards and bitter. This sounds like its all on the up and up. College is an uncertain time; good teachers tend to embody passion and certainty, two things students desperately want. He slid over the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope and told me that he would be interested in going out for dinner with me after my commencement.

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He has your contact info. I vote to give mark a chance!

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And i was surprised that it was me he was interested in. If you like it, go for it! best wishes 🙂 updates on how it goes? I met his mother. I also thought he was very attractive.

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And so she supports a new and potentially precedent-setting policy at yale university, reported this week in the school’s alumni magazine. In a world in which people steal, kill, and invade others’ countries, i think the least people can do is take joy in those who are able to connect with each other. Stott, then a 19-year-old food and nutrition student, knew of him through a male friend. That is turning students into victims, instead of encouraging them to stand up and take charge of a situation, she says. It’s not like you’re an undergrad or in high school. Posted by: jg | dec 22, 2014 10:48:16 pm.

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I mean nothing serious has ever happened between me and my professor that i like yet things have already seemed to get awkward since the semester is coming to an end and i’m still sitting on the outside looking in and wondering if my suspicions are true that he likes me and could we make it work if so or am i just over analyzing things since he waited a whole semester to try to get to know me as a student if that is the case and not the other though i am leaning towards to. Seriously evaluate if it’s worth it to you. Date the shit outta this guy. Generally, most students have no interest in dating one of their professors.

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Alec’s comment is not only disgustingly misogynist, it’s ignorant — when berkeley tried to impose a categorical ban on any teacher dating any student (ie, adjunct law professor dating chemistry phd student) a number of years ago, the feminists on campus criticized the ban vociferously. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Impropriety. History professor alison frank johnson says harvard’s policy banning professors from dating undergraduate students didn’t face any opposition.

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Regardless of age, students are students, and the teacher-student relationship should be held in the highest esteem, without being diluted or prejudiced by non-professional (and unprofessional) feelings. Posted by: tmitss | dec 27, 2014 9:37:19 pm. Racist or sexually-oriented language. (faculty members providing instruction without evaluation are not necessarily in positions of authority.

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