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She shut herself in one of the stalls and leaned against the door. He snorted in dislike. It felt so right though. Sasuke didn’t get ambushed by orochimaru and he didn’t receive the curse mark.

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Imagine her with our blond hero, and wham! there, you have a kick-ass pairing. Their food had arrived at their table. (karin notices the way sasuke looks at sakura).

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(sasuke loses the key to the handcuffs). Sauf indication contraire, le contenu de ce site est sous licence a. She ran to her room and hid under the bed sheets shaking and nervously waited for her parents to come home.

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Subscribe if you love narusasu! naruto isnt dead last. While sakura was at home alone waiting, sasuke was running towards the party to try and figure out what happened between sakura and ino.

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She sat down across from sasuke and smiled at him instead. He glared at the gossiping people behind him.

Sasuke and naruto love

A team resurrection, huh?” he smirked. However, naruto uzumaki, konoha high school’s troublemaker and knucklehead doesn’t get good start to the serene morning. She became close to you as well. I want to do it over again. She really made him feel good.

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Well things are a little different now, aren’t they?”. Sasuke raised his eyebrows. Remember to review if you read. (sasuke hates public displays of affection).

(kizashi has dinner with sasuke). Just answer the question! why did you choose me over all the other girls?”. I’m sorry if i got in the way and ruined everything to the point where you two had to fight. Too bad they are kept in the background. (uchihas keep warm the best way they know how to). Just incredible, no doubt.

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And this is in the modern days. (naruto tries to stop sasuke from leaving a second time by telling him that sakura is pregnant). What’s wrong?” he asked. They began walking down the street and sakura felt sasuke seek out her hand, holding it.

Sasuke and naruto love

He’s the captain of the football team and every girl’s heartthrob. Under the table, sakura clenched her hands into fists. Your making a new one” sasuke said and i nodded, then i put on sasuke’s head and i laughed softly, “my turn” sasuke smirked then he goes back of me, and i saw a necklace on my neck with cherry blosdom pendant, “its beautiful” i said then i hug him and we fall on the grass, we laughed, “i love you more than” sasuke said, he pulled me and our lips touched, a kiss i thought to myself, i kiss him back too, and hug him even we lie on the grassy ground, “nothing is going to stop us now” sasuke said.