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Post a comment! Most of them studied and stay here for the long term though if that counts for anything. Go forth into the furnace of pain that will reduce your weaknesses to slag, and leave you stronger. Japan mainly because the ww2 atrocities, though anime and jav helps balance that a lot.

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You may have gotten to know the singaporean man/woman at work or met at a restaurant or a club. Latest figures show that in 2010, about 20% of marriages were inter-racial.

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So if i find out that the girl i am currently courting is a high flyer, i will abort immediately. Not really answering the question but my dad is singaporean and my mom’s an expat. The reality is that most of these foreign men that are in such high demand here were never particularly sought after in their hometowns.

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By putting yourself out there you’re differentiating yourself from the million and one other guys. What kind of fucking rhyme is that. Dating a japanese girl is fine and all but marriage is a whole new ball game. It’s not the level of education – all have bachelor’s degrees but some are willing to date [and have dated] singaporean men without degrees.

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My neighbour a couple of units down, is married to a (polish?) woman. This is very different from the us tax system, where any and all tax payments are due by april 15.

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Check them out. Head to our singapore groups overview to discover exciting groups and the events they organize. ) relatively young professional women in singapore for a short stint/career placement and not attached/married when they arrive. Yeah it’s fun and not fun because of cultural difference and occasional language barrier.

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Internations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away. (the other 2 guys i know are perfectly nice people otoh, they’re friggin perfect).

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