Yuri snsd dating oh seung hwan

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Any chance this was hand delivered from sm to drum up some snsd chatter before the big comeback album? if so, that’s a pretty shrewd move. Though i actually rooted for yuri to end up with a non idol like this guy, too bad.

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Former wonder girls leader sunye is pregnant with her second child after getting married in 2013, and super junior’s sungmin got married in 2014 prior to enlisting in the korean military. A new couple in the korean entertainment scene has been revealed to be. Click the link below to view a detailed post about subreddit guidelines, faqs, related subreddits and websites.

Snsd’s yuri confirmed to be dating baseball player oh seung hwan

My bet is on sunny being the next one. Sm was very forthcoming with this dating news broken by dispatch, the agency confirmed it right away and even sent well wishes for this news couple who started dating in late 2014. Another k-ent dating news started this week off with a fast pitch out of the gate, pardon the pun but i just had to use it since rarely do i get to use baseball jargon.

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Despite what should be happy news, netizens have voiced out their suspicions that this dating news is yet another move to cover a more serious scandal in korea, especially as unlike most dating breaking news, there are no pictures to support their relationship. Reports have revealed that another.

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Taking place in their residence located in jeju island. She carried out five days of personal schedules in osaka before returning back to korea alone. She’s smiling! :d i’m glad she found someone to share all of the love she has with – girl’s got a big heart :). Yoona is the luckiest, at least in my eyes.

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A representative for the major k-pop company said, “yuri and oh seung hwan met at at a gathering with acquaintances at the end of 2014. You won’t be able to vote or comment. People asked for pictures, and dispatch delivered pictures. A sports insider said, “.

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Yuri and oh seung hwan dating. Yuri allegedly. Starlai 923.

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